Finding a Way Through the Ruins

Roman ruins
Roman ruins near the village of Nitil, Jordan.

When lightning strikes your tower and you and everything you’ve built up in falls into ruin, all may very well seem lost for a while, but inevitably – with enough patience and presence – the way through will emerge, even if all lay in tatters around you. Eventually you’ll be able to reorient.

Most of the time you’ll find that not everything is gone – there will still be remnants of your old life hanging on, maybe seeking to box you in or obfuscate your path. But even, then there will likely always be a way through.

The trick is, learning to keep oneself together emotionally, while not doing psychological damage to yourself. How does one stay open emotionally in the face of huge crises or the pain of a loved one? How does one walk the line between self-care and staying functional enough to navigate urgent issues that cannot wait?

It’s also good to remember that towers invite lightning…

How do you stay functional when life seems to fall apart? How do you find the way through when all seems blocked or lost?

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