Mist rising on the McKenzie River
Mist rises on the Mckenzie River

One thing about traveling I’ve noticed over the years is that it teaches you where “home” really is.

For me, that’s definitely the west.  More specifically, my feeling of “home” lies in my very palpable connection to the land. Sure, culture and people matter, yet when I get to the essence of how I feel in a place, it’s the land that calls me, that I belong to, that I can connect with most readily.

The photo above of Mist Rising on the McKenzie River has been getting a lot of traction in the photography contest world lately: 4 out of 10,477 photo in one contest and 56 out of 206,911 entries in an Earth Day contest. Still, for me this is more than just a pretty photo – it’s the river I love most in the world; one of the few places I really, really call HOME.

Where do You call home? And why?

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